Generate efficient innovation in your accounting firm

accounting firm

You will find in this book a complete educational support and all the advice to succeed in the new organization, augmented by accounting AI, of accounting firms.

The book:


It offers powerful tools to generate innovation in your accounting firm (design thinking, the CK method, etc.)

Most :

Numerous diagrams and tools to help with diagnosis and decision-making

Practical cases followed by essential questions to ask (Killing Asked Questions)

Summaries of key points to remember

Proposals for practical methods and tools to generate the most suitable and relevant innovation for the development of your firm or practice structure

The accountant and the digital revolution: platforms, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain?

Digital platforms: a new way of exercising the profession of accountancy?

The chartered accountant and the data revolution

The accountant and the blockchain

The augmented accountant?

Will the accountant of tomorrow be an augmented man?

What economic model for the augmented accountant?

The transition from behavior to support: what economic model?

The new organization of a firm augmented by accounting AI

How to switch from the traditional chartered accountant to the augmented chartered accountant?

Description of the ecosystem favorable to the augmented accountant

How to set up an AI in an accounting firm in 5 steps?

How to organize the firm’s transition: what tools to become an augmented chartered accountant?

Innovation in an accounting firm: are we talking about it?

4 ways to innovate in your practice

The collaborators of the augmented accountant

Interview with a data scientist in an accounting firm

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