Companies Are Paying Good Money for SEO Services – Here’s Why

Companies Are Paying

Companies of all sizes are paying good money for professional SEO services. It is not by accident. There are very good reasons for not handling SEO in-house. If you don’t know what those reasons are, take a look at Google’s SEO Starter Guide. You will figure it out soon enough.

Google has pretty much written the book on SEO (search engine optimization). In addition to the book, they have also written the rules. Google commands the search engine market by a wide margin. Their competitors are not even close. Therefore, they get to decide how SEO works. They do just that.

The Guide Is for Everyone

Google’s SEO Starter Guide begins by explaining who the company created the guide for. There is an entire paragraph dedicated to this explanation. However, here’s the short version: the guide is for anyone who relies on Google to monetize website content in any way, shape, or form.

If you run a small business and rely on internet searches to drive traffic to your website, you are included in Google’s target audience. Their guide is for you. Likewise for any organization that uses a website for business purposes. Even nonprofits qualify despite the fact that their operations are not designed to generate profits.

Then There’s the Glossary

Following the introductory paragraphs, Google’s guide jumps into vocabulary. The guide offers a glossary of basic terms including:

  • Index
  • Crawl
  • Crawler
  • Googlebot
  • SEO

Needless to say that the glossary is by no means conclusive. In fact, it only contains terms found within the guide itself. There are literally hundreds of additional terms to learn. SEO has its own language that includes acronyms as well as full words and phrases. You need to know your way around the language to take advantage of additional SEO learning.

Everything Else Follows

Everything else in the Google guide follows the glossary. I will not attempt to explain at all here. I am not even going to give you a basic outline. There is just too much information to put into a single post of 600 words. In fact, a dozen such posts wouldn’t do SEO justice – and that’s the point.

Webtek Digital Marketing is a Salt Lake City company that specializes in digital marketing and SEO. What they do for customers in the 2020s is not your father’s SEO of the 2000s or 2010s. There is so much more to it these days.

The thing about SEO is that it is constantly evolving. It needs to evolve to keep up with the internet itself. That says nothing of ongoing efforts by Google and its competitors to improve search results. As they change their strategies and algorithms, Webtek needs to change with them.

Plugins Are Not Enough

Business owners no longer need to pay thousands of dollars for professionally designed websites thanks to content management systems and drag-and-drop website builders. But DIY website tools don’t handle SEO very well. Business owners are left to use a variety of plugins to address SEO needs. But plugins aren’t enough. You need knowledge and skill. A bit of intuition helps as well.

The summation of all of this is to say that companies pay good money for SEO services because they represent a good investment. Rare is the business owner capable of handling SEO in-house and getting the desired results.

There is no shame in paying for SEO services. Companies pay for all sorts of services including landscaping, cleaning, payroll and HR, etc. Why should SEO services be any different? They are not. As complex as SEO has become, leaving it to professionals is usually the wisest choice.

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